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Services we offer

Mental Health

Best Psychological Counselling Facility

  • Students Counselling

  • Behavioral Therapy

  • Workshop and more


Best Institute for:

  • Personality Development

  • Communication Skills

  • Spoken English

  • Interview Preparation and more

Healthcare Consultancy

ZinK has a team of professionals, we know the competitive edge, and market analysis therefore we are well equipped to set up a new business or to transform the running entities.

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Get to know us


Our vision is to become a leading entity in Madhya Pradesh, empowering individuals through mental health and wellness services, offering economical courses for knowledge enhancement, and providing professional healthcare business consultancy to drive effective solutions.


Our mission is to bring together like-minded individuals and entities, fostering collaboration and synergy to expand the scope of achieving our vision with unwavering commitment to quality. Through strategic partnerships and collective efforts, we aim to make a lasting impact on mental health, education, and healthcare businesses in Madhya Pradesh.


Guided by our values of zeal, interactivity, newness, and knowledge, we strive to foster an environment of enthusiasm and collaboration. Embracing innovation and a thirst for learning, 

What we follow:

  1. Zeal

  2. Interactive

  3. Newness

  4. Knowledge 

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